Out Reach Program


This Center is also conducting several Composite Rehabilitation Camps in co-ordination with NGOs. of Southern States every year.  During the last 5 years, this institute has registered 14,594 Nos. of patients and out of these, 9,465 Nos. of beneficiaries have been fitted/issued assistive Aids and Appliances.


The Centre at present is rendering the following services: –

At the Centre:

  • Registration of the clients who are coming to SRC – PDUNIPPD
  • Assessment for suitable appliances
  • Taking measurement, cast for the selected appliances.
  • Fabrication of such appliances.
  • Trail the appliances with client for its proper fitting
  • Final fitment and provide gait training for effective use of the appliances
  • Teach how to take care of the appliances
  • Coordinating with NGOs. Of Southern States to conduct Rehabilitation Camps for

Persons with Disabilities.


            Workshop for fabrication of calipers, artificial limbs etc. has been established in the Centre. All the calipers & artificial limbs which were distributed in the follow-up / fitment camp were fabricated in this workshop.